Little Toader Teething Toys. Lol Sucker by Little Toader by Little Toader


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appeteethers are patented teething Toys Made of silicone. They provide the perfect amount of Resistance to help Soothe babies Sore gums. Designed with safety as the highest priority. appeteethers Meet Safety regulations en US. Europe. Australie et Canada. Babies love them and adults Love watching their baby Chew on them. appeteethers are available in the chomping Chicken Wing. baby-q Ribs. brocolis Bites. Sucker. Ice Cream U Scream. and nopainapple.
BPA free. lead free. PVC free and Phthalate free
Meets or exceeds safety standards en Europe. US. Canada and Australie
Food Safe Coloring
solid piece with no parts to prevent break-off Choking Hazard
Food Grade Silicone